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Oil Film Bearing

Oil Film Bearing

The Diameter Ranges From 95 To 600 Mm, And The Structure Of The Semi-Circular Bushing And The Full-Circular Bushing Are Opposite. The Open Half-Circle Bushing Has Good Versatility And Interchangeability. Among Them, Steel-Copper Alloy-Babbitt Alloy Oil Film Bearings Have The Characteristics Of High Rotational Speed, 120 M/S Rolling Speed, Over 92% Tile Back Fit, Good Heat Dissipation Performance And Long Service Life, Which Can Replace The Imported Oil Film Bearings Of Morgan And SMS , Ashelow , Danieli .


 Oil Film Bearing In The Pre- Finishing, Finishing Mill, Pinch Rolls Are Widely Used, Is The Key To High-Speed Wire Rod Rolling Mill Parts, And Its Performance Directly Affects The Normal Production Line And High Economic Efficiency. 

ZENGKUN  Model Weight(Kg) Morgan Model SMS Model
172050C/108C 0.25 172050C F6553014LZ
172050E/120E 0.3 7381651 F0512003LZ
172050EC/127EC 0.35 172050EC F0512010LZ
172050A/95A 0.15 172050A F6553012Z
172050JA/150JA 0.75 172020JA F6230242Z
172050LA/174LA 1.05 172050LA F0512006LZ
172050S/206S 2 172050S F7069721
172050D/108D 0.25 172050D F6553013Z
172050F/120F 0.25 7381652 F0512003ULZ
172050FC/127FC 0.35 172050FC F0512010ULZ
172050BB/95BB 0.15 172050BB F7746816Z
172050B/95B 0.15 172050B F6553011Z
172050KA/150KA 0.75 172050KA F6230241Z
172050MA/MB/174 0.95 172050MB F0512006ULZ
172050T/206T 2 172050T F7069722
172050FB/120FB 0.3 172050FB  


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