ZENGKUN    morgan bearing    Rolling Mill Bearing M438106B

Rolling Mill Bearing M438106B

Rolling Mill Bearing M438106B

Size: 130 X 230 X 40 Mm

Weight :1.00 KG

SMS : N226 360415 

Morgan MRC : N 226 E.M1.C3 , M438106B

Zengkun : N226EC  Cylindrical Roller Bearing 


Used In Finishing Mill,Laying Head,Pinch Roll,Reduce-Sizing Mill ,Assembly Of The Mandrel,Speed-Up Gear Box,Gear Of The Speed-Up Gear Box,Assembly Of Bevel Gear Box,Horizontal Pre-Finishing Mill,Reduction Gear Box,Vertical Looper,Pinch Roll.

wire rod

ZK high speed




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