ZENGKUN    The hybrid robot

The hybrid robot

The hybrid robot can provide thefunctions of automatic identification, loading and handling goods. The AGV ofthe lower part of the robot has the ability of good track setting andpositioning, high stability and high stability. It can work freely in a widerange of spherical space by the 6 degree of freedom manipulator.So that it issuitable for using in the surroundings of warehouse and shelf .

The hybrid robot can provide thefunctions of automatic identification, loading and handling goods. The AGV ofthe lower part of the robot has the ability of good track setting andpositioning, high stability and high stability. It can work freely in a widerange of spherical space by the 6 degree of freedom manipulator.So that it issuitable for using in the surroundings of warehouse and shelf . As for thelogistics warehouse, it has the advantages of multi direction before and afterpositioning, and the load / weight ratio is large. The maximum working rangecan be extended, the future can be customized with arms and discreet. 

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