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Henan Zengkun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a science and technology company in Luoyang National University Science Park, who focuses on customized professional design, manufacturing, sales  and after-sales .

Zengkun's Products :  Robot , BearingAluminum foilAir foil turbo blower .



The Product of robot : 

Collaborative robot , robotic arm with UGV ,AGV , Paralell Kinematic Machine robot.

Zengkun's robot are mainly used in palletizing,cutting,welding,polishing,spraying and gluing ; Drilling and machinning on aircraft wall panel,rocket shell and huge spare parts on site .


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The Product of bearing : high speed wire rod rolling mill bearing , slewing bearing , ultra thin section bearing , cross roller bearing for robots'reducer , YRT turntable bearing for machine tools, large diameter and heavy duty bearing.  Mainly used in steel plants, aluminum plants, machine tools, robots, Drone, semiconductor processing equipment, cranes, sewage treatment plants and other industries.


The Product of aluminum foil : thickness over 5 micron aluminum foil . Mainly used in the pharmaceutical ,bear packing,PS print industry and ect.  


The Product of air foil turbo blower : Air Foil Turbo blower technology has its roots from the aviation and aerospace industry. This technology relies on an air foil bearing supported on a shaft that is directly integrated with the variable frequency drive, motor and control system in a single enclosure. The air foil bearing eliminates friction between the bearing and the shaft and thus improves the efficiency of the blower while allowing 40% turndown capability.Air Capacity Is From 2.5 M3/Min To 328 M3/Min.Save 30% to 40% energy than roots fan, lower noise less than 80dB,small foot print . Mainly used in aeration during wastewater treatment, transport in cement industry.


Zengkun values: customer service, continuous innovation, win-win cooperation, integrity, pursuit of excellence, social responsibility.

Zengkun spirit: people-oriented, teamwork, efficient operation.



            AIR TURBO BLOWER


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